Come Home to a Clean House

Come Home to a Clean House

Turn to our residential cleaners in Sioux Falls, SD

After a long day of work, there's nothing like walking in the door to a spotless home. Progressive Cleaning Service wants to make that a reality for you with regular and deep cleaning services. Our residential cleaners are based in Sioux Falls, SD, offering services throughout the surrounding area. You can personalize your cleaning service to cater to kids, pets or heavy foot traffic.

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Making services fit your needs

If you're going to spend money on cleaning services, you want to be able to choose what they do for you. For example, our residential cleaners can customize your service if...

  • You want us to deep clean your floors to get rid of pet fur and footprints.
  • You'd like us to use specific products, such as non-toxic or pet-friendly products.
  • You need deep cleaning services every month and regular cleaning every week.

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